Appolo Investment

Investing in a better future for everyone.

Accessible power supply for remote villages
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Appolo Investment

Investing in a better future for everyone.

Water purification systems for small communities
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Appolo Investment

Investing in a better future for everyone.

Making banking services available to isolated populations
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Appolo Investment

Investing in a better future for everyone.

Smart farming solutions
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Welcome to Appolo Investment, we are an investment firm with a difference, dedicated to investing in life-improving technologies. Founded in Helsinki in 2018, Appolo Investment is an investment firm with a clear working ethos dedicated in investing in sustainable and smart technologies aimed at improving life in developing regions of the world.

We believe that everyone, no matter where they are in the world, should have access to suitable shelter, clean water, a stable power source, and adequate medical services, as well as agricultural products sourced locally using up-to- date crop management systems and technologies, and many more. We aim to make these amenities that are taken for granted in developed nations accessible to communities in remote areas and in developing countries.

Appolo Investment invests in early stage startups, including seed and round A funding. As far as technology is concerned we invest in both SAAS (Software as a service) and HAAS (Hardware as a service) products. Our executive partners have a combined experience of decades in the tech project and investment fields. The company's founding partners have successfully made two VC funding rounds.

Our team

Appolo Investment's highly experienced professional team members work together as a well-oiled machine, we encourage creativity, teamwork, out of the box thinking, as well as a high level of professionalism. They share our passion and motivation for providing life-changing technologies to developing communities around the world.

Our team includes our management partners, CEO, CIO, CTO and COO, as well as analysts, project managers, as well as a global network of associates and investment specialists. We work hand in hand with our investment team in the Far East, they are instrumental in sourcing high-end hardware despite the current chip and supply chain crises.

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Why work with us?

Our dedication to our investors

We go the extra mile to provide attractive investment opportunities and to maximize our success, and consequently provide excellent returns.

Our long-term support to startup ventures

We provide ongoing mentoring to our investee startups, including business strategy, marketing, financial and legal. This helps put them on the track to commercial viability and success.

Our highly experienced team

Our team members are highly experienced professionals recruited from leading positions in their fields. Investors and ventures we fund alike benefit from the accumulated knowledge of our experts.

Responsible investment

Our team focuses on investing in technologies and projects that benefit communities in developing countries and remote regions of the world, providing the added value of a measurable and tangible positive impact on society, in addition to profits for investors.

Investing With Appolo

Investment Planning and Consulting

Appolo Investment's analysts locate attractive and promising startups, carry out in-depth scrutiny and due diligence of ventures and offers investors the most appropriate prospects. We are an independent investment firm and as such are not bound to offer specific products mandated by corporate superiors, thus we search and find investment opportunities in exciting markets around the world. Our investment advisors meet with our investors and present them with an investment plan, this can include venture capital and funding options, as well as exciting projects in emerging economies. Once we have the client's agreement we proceed to setting up an investment portfolio tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

Investment Management

Investors with Appolo Investment receive a highly professional, personalized investment management service. Our portfolio managers monitor the performance of holdings and keep our investors informed of any developments, recommend any adjustments that may be required. Investors are provided with regular financial reports, as well as bulletins whenever necessary, they can also access their account data directly on our login page. Entrepreneurs in whose ventures we invest can expect us to go above and beyond simply providing funds. We are very much a hands-on operation, involved in assisting our ventures to achieve their goals, our highly experienced consultants act as guiding mentors, advising and guiding them along the way to market viability and beyond.

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Our Investments and Projects

Energy | Water | Agri-tech | Fintech | Urbantech | Medtech

At Appolo Investment we invest in technologies we deem to have a beneficial effect on developing nations, with the aim of implementing them in projects in the field. Our projects and technologies have already had a positive effect, enabling entire communities in Africa and Asia to get access to basic human needs for the first time. In addition to privately sourced funds our professionals have the appropriate connections and accreditations with government and aid agencies to access public funds, where available. We closely accompany projects we invest in from concept to realization, our project managers make sure that the endeavor is proceeding according to plan and within predetermined budgetary and quality parameters.

Among recent technologies and projects we have funded and managed:

Clean water

Clean water by small-scale water purification systems providing safe, clean, and sanitary water, preventing health issues that previously blighted communities..

Domestic solar panels

Domestic solar panels or wind turbines, installed in individual homes or as arrays for small communities.

Medical applications

Medical applications enabling distance diagnostics and treatment for patients in remote areas, making medical care accessible for entire communities.


Agri-Tech for smallholdings and farms, implementing AI tech for automation, cost savings, and crop quality optimization. This includes, automated irrigation, sensors to identify plant health, automated fertilizer and pest control distribution, as well as farm management software, among others.

Remote banking and financing

Remote banking and financing services for millions of people who had no previous access to banking services. We integrate fintech platforms, enabling banking services for communities and individuals, including easy payment schedules, money transactions, credit card issuing, small business and household financial control and saving mechanisms.

Contact Us

Whether you're an investor wishing to learn more about our investment opportunities and services, or an entrepreneur looking for funding please leave us a message. A member of our team will be in touch.